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Abies spectabilis

Abies spectabilis

November 2014

My Fellow Conifer Enthusiasts:

I have been collecting conifers and other companion plants for the 33 years here at Porterhowse Farms. The plants in the collection have matured nicely, and it is a pleasure to stroll the pathways of the display gardens and be witness to the changes. Gardens are dynamic and changes occur. Some of the plants in the collection have been removed due to over-crowding, or natural occurrences, like winter storms. The remaining collection looks very good and always is a joy for me to show to visitors. Also, as I am able, I continue to add new items to the collection.

As of the above date, I am no longer offering plants via mail-order distribution. I will sell plants to visitors here at Porterhowse Farms if they are available in the sales area.

This website reflects my years of collecting conifers and other companion plants. More than 2500 species and varieties of conifers are represented in the collection, plus numerous companion plants. To view a descriptive page and possible photo of the conifers in the collection, click on the tab on the home page above: "Database". Each plant in this list has a separate descriptive page, with information that I have assembled about that particular plant. This is a dynamic work, always under construction, as I add information to the individual pages, and possibly a photo. I am making the best effort to be accurate and factual about the plants in the collection and true to botanical nomenclature standards. It is my intention that this list be an informational resource.

Visitors are always welcome here at Porterhowse Farms. However, I do ask you to contact me in advance so we can coordinate our schedules. I want to be able to spend time with you and show you the interesting aspects of the gardens and display collections at Porterhowse Farms. I can be reached by e-mail (phfarm@aol.com). Come visit Porterhowse Farms at any season of the year, as it is always a delight to show off.

Retirement is on the horizon, and I find that I am not as spry as I used to be, but possibly a wee bit wiser. I am beginning to take more time away from Porterhowse Farms. I do have other interests and obligations to attend to during my remaining days, and hopefully, years. I am beginning to take the time to enjoy all the experiences of life. Viewing the beauty of nature, and sharing the beauty with others is one of those pleasant experiences.

Best regards,
Don Howse